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Bugaboo Cameleon3 Complete





Bugaboo Introduces The Cameleon 3



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    The Iconic Stroller. Even Better.

    3rd generation of the iconic all-in-one stroller is even more versatile, stylish and functional than ever before. Light and compact, it's also easy to lift and store. Suitable for a newborn or toddler, the multi-terrain Bugaboo Cameleon3 can seamlessly adapt to your journey whether that's through the city, woods, sand or snow. In fact, it can take you everywhere you want to go.

    Its premium materials and endless accessory combinations will ensure your child stays comfortable in all weather conditions: spring showers, hot summer days, breezy autumn afternoons and cold wintry mornings. The original and best just got even better.

    • refreshed design

    The design of the complete stroller is even more clean and sturdy, with streamlined rim design which is more in line with the Bugaboo family and black matte finish central joint parts.

    • easy unfolding

    Unfolding has never been this easy. Just lift the handlebar with one hand and your chassis is ready to go.

    • rotating carry handle

    Easy access to your child for those scoop-up moments.

    • more durable chassis

    The new construction of the connecting joints and 90%new parts make the total stroller more solid.

    While the flat-fold carrycot makes it even faster to store the stroller or take it with you wherever you go. Furthermore, the underseat bag has been maximized, so there's some extra storage for you too. And let's not forget about the quick-release wheels, more intuitive brake system and padded adjustable harness.

    No matter where you go or how you get there, the versatile Bugaboo Cameleon3 adapts to your journey simply and easily. And because it's suitable for a newborn or toddler, it's the only stroller you - and your child - will ever need.

    Bugaboo introduces the next generation of its unrivalled light and compact all-in-one-and-only, multi-terrain stroller: the Bugaboo Cameleon3. The new Bugaboo Cameleon3 features all of its predecessor's unmatched performance and incorporates further improvements in terms of ease-of-use, refreshed looks and improved functionalities.

    the iconic stroller

    The Bugaboo Cameleon has been celebrated by parents worldwide for its innovative design, use of premium materials and endless color and accessory combinations. Now, the 3rd generation of this iconic stroller just got even better. Bugaboo's team of engineers and designers have redefined and redesigned 90% of the stroller based on continuously evolving insights and consumer feedback since its release in 2005.

    The fully loaded Bugaboo stroller

    From infant to toddler, to the city, the beach, the woods,the Bugaboo Cameleon lets you take the path less traveled. Fully customizable and adoptable, and with all the functionality andquality you'd expect from Bugaboo, the Bugaboo Cameleon is the definition of mobile comfort.

    Infant to Toddler

    Infants grow into toddlers and the Bugaboo Cameleon is designed to grow with them.A unique 3-in-1 design adopts to car seats, reversible bassinet and reversible seat, so you always have the right stroller with you. The reversible seat also allows for 3-positiontilting - sit up to see the world, recline to doze, or lie down to see the stars.Go infant, go toddler, go everything in between.

    Multi terrain

    Life is full of bumps in the road. The Bugaboo Cameleon glides over them.For a stroll through the woods, put the big wheels in front to cruiseover rough terrain. For a trip through the city, put the small swivel wheelsforward for easy one-handed 360 degree turns while the frog-like suspensionreduces the impact of potholes and city curbs. A two-wheel positionallows for easy navigation through the woods, to everywhere else you go


    The Bugaboo Cameleon can take on any taste, style or mood. Mix-and-matchcolors and fabrics to blend in or stand out. A height-adjustable handlebar,adjustable swivel wheel suspension, and a reversible and independent bassinet andsweat let you personalize your exploration. All this, along with thefunctionality and quality you would expect from Bugaboo, makes the BugabooCameleon the definition of mobile comfort.

    Features and Specs



    A unique 3-in-1 design adapts to car seats, reversible bassinet and reversible seat.


    From Infant to Toddler

    Ready to go from day one in the bassinet with aerated mattress. It easily converts into a seat and vice versa.


    Car Seat Compatible

    From car to stroller. Just click it in and go! Adaptable to Chicco, Graco, Maxi Cosi, Peg Perego


    Explore The City

    A smooth city ride with the small swivel wheels forward for quick and easy maneuverability, easy one-handed 360 turns, smooth turning and a steady, stable and comfortable ride.


    Hit The Trail

    Simply reverse the handlebar so the foam-filled, 12-inch wheels are forward to take on rough terrain.


    Two Wheel Position

    Switch easily from four wheels to two and enjoy your ride through sand and snow!


    Reversible Seat

    For your child's every mood facing you or facing the world.


    Reclinable Seat

    The 3-position seat adjusts to suit the mood of your infant or toddler. Sit up straight when awake, recline when relaxed, or lie flat when asleep.


    Rotating Carry Handle

    Easy access to your child for those scoop-up moments..


    One Piece Height-Adjustable Handlebar

    Easy one-handed steering and a comfortable ride regardless of your height.


    Adjustable Suspension

    For your child's every mood facing you or facing the world.


    Compact Modular Fold

    Light and compact for easy lift and storage. The modular fold collapses the stroller easily into two lightweight pieces. Easy unfolding with one hand lift.


    Independent Seat & Bassinet

    Use the self standing seat and bassinet independently on the ground.


    Click and Go Buttons

    Intuitive white buttons signal interactive function including reversing, releasing and reclining the seat, setting the brake, removing the wheels and adjusting the handlebar.


    Central Joint

    Advanced system that controls the reversible handlebar, reversible seat, two-wheel position and the easy unfolding and compact folding system.


    Intuitive Brake

    Easily accessible handbrake.


    Rain Cover

    Easy on and off, it folds and stores in the underseat bag so you're always ready for a rainy day.


    Machine Washable Fabric

    The base and tailored fabrics are durable, comfortable and easily removable. Wash the fabric as often as you wish.

    Daily Life

    bugabooClick photo to see video

    See where a Bugaboo Cameleon 3 can take you.

    Fun fact:all the people in the film are employees, with their little ones!

    Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Lifestyle

    Versatile, multi-terrain and light&compact, the Bugaboo Cameleon3 takes you anywhere you want to go with infant or toddler.



    Through this daily life platform Bugaboo Cameleon3 owners around the world can share their everyday experiences and show how the Bugaboo Cameleon3 seamlessly adapts to their journey- whether that's through the city, woods, sand or snow.

    What You Get

    bugabooChassis, wheels, seat/bassinet frame, carry handle

    bugabooBase seat fabric (shown in black

    bugabooBase bassinet fabric (shown in black)

    bugabooUnderseat bag

    bugabooRain cover

    bugabooTailored fabric set sold separately (sun canopy and apron)

    bugaboo3 year warranty

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