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Delora Eco Nappy Disposable Diapers




Delora Eco Nappy

Manufactured in Germany by ‘Riboth Ltd’ who have been making diapers for 20 years and who produce over 250 million diapers per year.

The ‘Delora’ range now comes in four sizes -

Mini - 30 pieces to suit babies from 3-6kg (6.6-13lbs)
Midi - 28 pieces to suit babies from 4-9kg (9-20lbs)
Maxi - 26 pieces to suit babies from 7-16kg (15-35lbs)
Junior - 24 pieces to suit babies from 12-25kg (26-55lbs)

Two thirds* of the diaper is biodegradable/compostable with the balance described as ‘earth neutral’.

The soft, white outer cover is made from organic (GMO free) plant starch and is 100% biodegradable and breathable.

The cellulose in the core of the diaper is derived from certified renewable forestry.

They are not chlorine bleached.

Dermatologically certified as ‘especially skin friendly’ which makes them ideal for babies with eczema, chronic diaper rash or sensitive skin.

They come packed in 100% biodegradable/compostable foil bags.

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