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Blabla Doll




Blabla Doll

Large Doll: 18" - 22"

  • Bla Bla Dolls are loved and cherished by children around the world! Some families even buy 2 of the same BlaBla doll in case one becomes lost. BlaBla Dolls are soft, hand-knit dolls lovingly made in by fair-trade artisans in Peru. You will love Bubbles and Sandwich the BlaBla Cats, Charles the Lion, and the BlaBla monkey dolls too! We offer BlaBla Lollie, Mozart, Verdi and Clementine Monkey Dolls, in standard and mini-sizes shown below. The mini-size is best suited for ages 1-2, while the larger size is most popular with ages 3 to 10.

    Ulysse the Horse

    Wooly the Sheep

    Electra the Horse
    Albert The Donkey
    Sandwich the Cat
    Fleur the Bunny
    Pierre the Bunny
    Coco Girl
    Bamboo the Panda
    Giselle the Ballerina
    Billy the Goat
    Licorice the Dog
    Andiamo the Dog
    Balthazar the Magician
    Pumpkin Girl
    Clochette the Fairy
    Charles the Lion
    Mozart the Monkey
    Verdi the Monkey
    Bubbles the Cat
    Lulu the Flower
    Splash the Cat

    Bandit the Racoon
    Sardine the Cat
    Confetti the Unicorn

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